Hikes and hikes

LOCATION: Kouchiboguac National Park in Eastern New Brunswick

CAMPGROUND: South Kouchiboguac, within the park

WEATHER: Sunny. Pleasant. Highs mid 80s.

We visited the park’s Visitors’ Center. These red chairs are part of each national park in Canada.

From there, we took a nice one-mile hike on one of the many trails in the park. This one was called The Pines and there were lots of beautiful, old White Pines in it.

After lunch and a siesta, we hiked to the beach, about 2 miles on a nice bike path. Along the way, across the inlet, we saw the lobster boats getting ready to take off tomorrow. Lobster season in Canada rotates every 2 months. Tomorrow is the first day of the next 2-month “season” in this part of New Brunswick. The boats are loaded down with empty lobster traps. At 6:00 AM tomorrow, the siren will go off and the lobstermen will rush to the best places to drop their traps.

Once we got to the beach area, we had another .5 mile hike on the boardwalk over the lagoons and dunes. The beach was pretty crowded and the water had a lot of seaweed in it. That did not deter Jenny and me from getting in.

DINNER: Tony’s turn tonight…..He grilled pork chops, and sautéed some onions and mushrooms. Side was rice. Here is Chef Tony at work….

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