Blueberry Nirvana!

LOCATION: Petit-Lameque on the Acadian Peninsula in NE New Brunswick

CAMPGROUND: Camping Lameque

WEATHER: Sunny and nice. High 75

We started the day with a hike at an eco-park. The boardwalk was nice, with signs pointing out different types of fish and birds in the brackish water.

Then, the trail took us into the woods. Normally, it would have been quite interesting, but the everyday high winds suddenly stopped and the mosquitos came out to take advantage of our uncovered skin. We practically ran on the trail, just glancing at the information signs about trees and flowers.

We are on a string of islands, the biggest being Lameque and Miscou.

(This says: Two Islands; A Thousand Treasures)

On our way home, we stopped at a field with millions, not thousands, of wild blueberries. We quickly picked our fill.

We relaxed in the afternoon, with books and wifi.

DINNER: Tony’s turn tonight. He made a great Caesar salad and lightly fried some local cod. Then, George dug out our pie iron and made a blueberry “pie” for dessert.

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