Windy Acadian Peninsula

LOCATION: Petite Lameque on the Acadian Peninsula, in NE New Brunswick

CAMPGROUND: Camping Lameque. Great. See previous description

WEATHER: Nice. High 80. Windy in PM

Today started out with a bang – whelks for breakfast! George did a take of shrimp and grits, only with some leftover whelks instead of shrimp. Whelks are quite popular and abundant here. They are super chewy, so the taste sensation was quite peculiar!

We took off in another direction today, to explore another part of the peninsula. The small towns along the way are preparing for tomorrow’s Acadia Day decorating their house with Acadian colors. We also saw a lot of ospreys in their nests, feeding their (almost) grown-up babies.

The Acadian culture is mostly Catholic, and their churches in small towns are really majestic. They seem very European.

Back at the campground, the wind had really picked up. The wind surfers were out. I sat at the seawall and watched them for about an hour. Really fascinating.

I’ve been corresponding with the Airstream factory to schedule a date for our dent repair. We finally confirmed October 3. The factory is in central Ohio, so that helps us develop our travel plans between now and then. After we leave here, we plan to go to Quebec, around the Gaspé Peninsula and then north to Labrador. After that, back through Quebec, around Quebec City. From there, south to northern Vermont and northern New York. Then, along the St. Lawrence River to the Thousand Islands area. Maybe go back into Canada and/or the Finger Lakes of New York.

We decided to extend our stay one extra day here in order to watch the Acadia Day Festival’s closing ceremonies tomorrow. Tony and Jenny, though, have to head home. So, we celebrated our get-together and last dinner together with a bottle of champagne. We have had a great 15 days together. We started thinking about where we might next meet. We have been in 3 major areas in New Brunswick, each unique and beautiful. Maybe Ontario next summer.

DINNER: Tony and I split dinner duties tonight. He made salad; I made an Asian stir-fry with shrimp.

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