Acadia Day!

LOCATION: Petit-Lameque on the Acadian Peninsula in NE New Brunswick

CAMPGROUND: Camping Lameque. Great. See previous description

WEATHER: Sun in AM; Cloudy and some rain in PM

We said goodbye to our friends Tony and Jenny, who left for a 6-hour trip back home to Nova Scotia. It has been great being with them again. We did little projects around the camper most of the day. (George can always find something to fix).

Then, in the afternoon, we took a drive to another part of the island. It seemed very remote. The road ended at a wharf where lots of lobster boats were docked, ready for the next season.

Back in the main town of Lameque, we stopped at a surprisingly elegant restaurant. (I think there is good money in lobster fishing). We only wanted a drink, but the bartender said that their licensing requires customers to eat something, too. (Each state and province seems to have unique laws). Today is Acadia Day, and we had an hour to kill before the parade, so we decided to have a drink and appetizer. The waitress did not speak much English, and asked me if I understand French. So, we got by…..I understood her description of today’s appetizer, a chanterelle mushroom dish in a rich sauce that she highly recommended. So, I said “oui”. It was out of this world delicious!!!

By then, it was 6:00, time for the closing ceremony parade for the Acadian Festival. Everyone was gathered at the big Catholic Church. At the stroke of 6:00, the church bells starting ringing, cars started blowing their horns, and hundreds of residents streamed out of the church banging pots and pans, blowing noise machines, and generally just making a lot of noise. It was great!

(I put a video with sound on my Facebook page)

When we returned to the campground, some of the campers were having their own noisy parade…

Many of the houses are decorated for the 2-week Acadian Festival. Even some of the campers in our campground are decked out..

DINNER: Time for leftovers again. Beef stroganoff using leftover grilled hamburger meat, egg noodles and sour cream. Very good!

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