Circling the Gaspe’ Peninsula

LOCATION: Perce’, Quebec on the eastern side of the Gaspe Peninsula

CAMPGROUND: Geoparc de Perce. Commercial park. Only sites available were non-serviced, which means we are in a large, grassy, parking lot. Sites are spacious so we are not up close to our neighbors. In town, which is convenient. Part of a tourist attraction – UNESCO’s Geoparc. So-so bathrooms. Pay showers. Fire pit and picnic table. $25 USD. 3 stars out of 5.

WEATHER: Beautiful. Windy. Highs in 60s

We were allowed a late check-out, so we took a nice walk around the bay in New Richmond. The local residents have built an absolutely beautiful park with a bike path full of artwork. Really well-done.

We liked the look of our Airstream, nestled among the trees at the end of the road at the campground.

We said good-bye to the area, and took off to follow the peninsula road east, then north around the bend. We only had about a 2-hour drive.

We had a hard time finding a place to eat. You would think with all the tourists that there would be a lot of restaurants, but none of the little towns we passed through offered anything. Finally, we found a resto/bar at about 1:30. The waitress didn’t speak English and we had a lot of fun ordering. Our friend Tony had been on a quest for the best poutine in the area. George continued his efforts today by ordering the poutine house special. It was the normal French fries with cheese curds covered in salty, beef gravy. The specialty was added salami on the bottom. I ordered a glass of wine. The bartender, in his broken English, asked me if I wanted it hot or cold. I figured out he was asking me whether I wanted it room temperature (hot) or refrigerated. The hot variety was quite good! Cute!

We were in Perce five years ago, and boy has it exploded! Motels, campgrounds, restaurants, and people everywhere! We just couldn’t believe the change. One thing that hasn’t changed is the brewpub right at the campground. (Guess why we chose this campground again!)

After settling in, we took a walk on the seafront boardwalk (new) and enjoyed the views.

DINNER: Clam chowder. I used the frozen, leftover broth from the mussels we had last week. I thickened it with a little roux, then added sauteed carrots, celery, onions, mushrooms, and canned clams. Stirred in a bit of white wine and half and half. It turned out quite tasty. The only problem is that it made a LOT, and we will have leftovers…..again.

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