My commute to Gaspe’

LOCATION: Grande-Vallee’, Quebec, on north shore of Gaspe’ Peninsula

CAMPGROUND: Au Soleil Couchant. Excellent. See previous description

WEATHER: Beautiful again. I think it is unseasonably warm and sunny. High 75

I did the 1.5 hour drive to Gaspe’ City Hospital to visit George. The trip is about 50 miles each way. It is a bit harrowing….very steep inclines that descend into villages with a 50 km/h (30mph) speed limit so one has to pound the brakes. It is a beautiful drive.

I did a “George” today…..I almost ran out of gas. I thought I had enough to get halfway to Gaspe’. My GPS gave me the signal that a gas station was only a mile away when I had about 40 miles left in the tank. However, it was closed up. I was down to less than 20 miles in the tank, and with the steep hills, my gas gauge was below empty.

I made it, thankfully to the next station. They are few and far between here. Gas is SO expensive. To fill up the tank, it was $120!

Today at the hospital, there was more activity. They did a lot of the prep work for his trip tomorrow to Quebec City. They loaned him a shaver to shave off hairs on his arms and “private parts” to prepare for the catheter. While he was shaving, he decided to shave off all his head hair, so now he is bald!

The campground looks totally different today. A group of 39 big rigs has come in, a rally of the Quebec Camping Club. As I drove in this evening, there were small groups in front of their RVs, drinking wine and socializing. Everyone waved to me. Then, as I was unpacking the truck, a small delegation of this new group, about 20 people, came over. One lady introduced herself, saying she could speak English, and asked if they could help me in any way. It was so kind that I just broke down. Obviously the 911 lady has been spreading the word.

DINNER: Not too exciting to cook just for myself. I’m using all kinds of leftovers, some with interesting combinations! Usually, I’m pretty good about labeling containers before I put them in the freezer. However, this one was an unlabeled mystery. It turned out to be chicken and rice. I added some veg and voila’ – dinner.

One thought on “My commute to Gaspe’

  1. Nancy Hochbein

    hi gosh I hope things are going ok. i’ll have to try and get in touch with you by email. Or buy trying to get Alexis’ phone number. Love you guys, Nancy H.


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