Update on George (sort of)

LOCATION: Quebec Heart and Lung Institute

Since my last post….

George was flown with 6 other patients on a 20-passenger air ambulance from the town near our campground on the Gaspe’ Peninsula to the Heart and Lung Institute of Quebec. The air “bus” stopped in 4 different places on the way, including a stop on an island.

I drove over the next day here to Quebec City, an 8-hour drive.

They did an angio-cath and found too much blockage for a stent, so decided to do cardiac bypass surgery.

Then, the wait again. This time for a slot in the surgery schedule.

Meanwhile, people have continued to be beyond kind. At the campground, when they heard the news, they (led by the 911 lady) came to help me. I left the Airstream in their hands. They talked with the campground owner about my leaving the Airstream there, and also collected my keys so they could check on it. They promised to move it to a nearby friend’s driveway if the campground closes for the season in mid-September.

The hospital here in Quebec City has a hostel-like dorm area for patients’ families. I’m staying there, which is such a convenience since it is connected to the hospital by a tunnel. There is a kitchen with a refrigerator, so I’m eating leftovers from the Airstream refrig.

I found a mall near the hospital with an English bookstore, so bought George some newspapers and books. He has been super bored.

In any case, all is well. George is in good hands here and in no pain; I’m comfortable in the hostel; and the Airstream is in a safe place.

More kind things…..the English-speaking wife of George’s former hospital roommate, just called to offer to send a relative with me to pick up the Airstream and bring it back here (two 8-hour drives). Then, she invited us to stay overnight with her and her husband if I drive to/from Gaspe. Incredible! Yesterday, I went to a Lebanese take-out for lunch. The owner/server could speak English and he asked why I was there. When I told him our story, he felt so bad that he didn’t want to charge me for my food!

I will post again once we have any other update.

Here is baldy —- a new look that he gave himself. At least he doesn’t have one of those man-buns, a look that is extremely popular around here!

4 thoughts on “Update on George (sort of)

  1. Dan & Judy Robertson

    I like the new bald look! Shannon’s husband Brian does the same, but has a little beard and mustache. Karmen, glad so many kind people are looking out for you!
    Love to you both,


  2. I think you were in QC before, but this is certainly a different perspective! Have you read any of the Louise Penny mysteries? Excellent series. Bury The Dead takes place in Quebec City and cites many local places. My favorite on a 2013 visit was the Paillard Patisserie…delicious sandwiches and coffee or hot chocolate, and people watching. A favorite of locals.

    Once the holiday weekend is past hopefully the surgical schedule will open up. Sounds like you have an excellent support group. Good hearts (no pun intended) attract kind people everywhere.

    As you no doubt know it’s likely to start getting cold. Keep warm!

    Thinking of you every day.


    1. Hi, Meredith. Thanks so much for your thoughts and note. Yes, I’m a fan of Louise Penny. As soon as George is discharged, we plan to visit the area where several of the books take place. We’ll check out that patisserie. George is in the OR right now. I should have news this evening. This hospital specializes in these cardiac bypass surgeries, so they are almost routine (I hope). Ciao, guapa!


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