Checking out Lake Champlain

LOCATION: Burlington, Vermont

CAMPGROUND: North Beach Municipal Park. See previous description

WEATHER: Cooler. High 65. The TV weatherman was ecstatic as he talked about this “relief from the heat”

We made a day trip around beautiful Lake Champlain. The lake is huge. Burlington sits on one of the edges of the lake. Our campground actually has a nice beach area that is part of the lake. Our destination today was Plattsburgh, NY, across the lake, to shop at a Target.

To get there, we drove on causeways over several islands, then took a 15-minute ferry ride across the rest of the lake.

We found a very nice brewpub and shared a grilled chicken sandwich. George is not drinking much beer due to his surgery, but we sipped on a shared IPA.

Shopping was a success – some new linens and groceries. We took a different way back to the campground, going north around the lake, just feet away from the Canadian border.

Speaking of borders…..When we came across the other day with the Airstream, we knew that they would stop us and search the trailer. I had diligently used up all the fresh vegetables and fruit so that would not be a problem. I stripped all the leaves from my basil plant, but George wanted to “push the envelope” to see what would happen with leaving the little stems intact. Well – we found out. As expected, the border control people searched the trailer and found nothing suspicious. He asked about the basil plant stems in the flowerpot sitting prominently in the backseat of the pickup. We said we had bought the plants in Canada. They asked the normal questions and what we were doing in Canada. George told them about his surgery, thinking we would get sympathetic treatment. We thought we were good to go, when at the end of the “interrogation”, he said we would have to park and go inside to retrieve our passports. What??? The waiting room was full of questionable-looking people. We waited and waited. We could see the border people really giving some people a hard time. Finally they called our name. The first question was…..”so tell us more about this basil plant”. That is why we had been called in! We were severely scolded about that and then were asked about firewood, which we also had. We got a lecture about that, too. Then, I had to go back to the pickup while they watched me lug the wood and the plant to the garbage can. The border patrol woman grumbled that had she known we had so much firewood that she would have made us return to Canada to dump it. So, that was an interesting experience where George found out about what would happen trying to bring a plant across the border. Never again!

So, today, we kept well away from the border station. We drove through lots of little villages on the islands, and stopped at this farmers’ market to buy some fresh veg. Fall is in the air!

DINNER: Chili over couscous. Hit the spot on this cool evening.

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