Reuniting with a friend

LOCATION: Ann Arbor, Michigan

WEATHER: Overcast. High 60s

Why is traffic so crazy every day of the week in big cities? We left one Detroit suburb and drove about 15 miles to another one, where our daughter used to live. All of the cars on the Interstate were going at least 80 mph, and swerving all over the place. And this is Sunday! I get so nervous!

We spent a few hours packing up some of the stuff one of our daughters had left in her former house in Ferndale, Michigan. Since George still can’t lift, I was the lucky one to lug furniture and boxes down and up stairs. George did the fancy work – making it all fit in the bed of the pickup.

Then, off to Ann Arbor. We stumbled upon this cute hole-in-the-wall Biercamp ( not far from our hotel. It is a meat shop where they smoke all their own sausages, other meats, and jerky, as well as brew their own beer. We had a Vienna IPA (first time) and shared a brisket sandwich. Really yummy!

We checked in to our hotel – really fancy, although we got it for less than half price on

Then, our friend Heather, whom we met years ago through my work at Mayo Clinic, met up with us. We had dinner together in our hotel. The best thing about traveling is reuniting with friends!

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