Down on the Bayou

“CAMPGROUND”: Another Harvest Host – Bayou Teche Brewery. Great find! Big, gravel parking lot all to ourselves.

LOCATION: In south central Louisiana. In the small town of Arnaudville outside of Lafayette – deep in Cajun country

WEATHER: Downpour most of the day

It poured all night. The trails had all become rivers in our state park campground in northern Louisiana. Tree limbs bloated with water were falling down all over.

For some reason, most of the campgrounds in Louisiana State Parks have free laundry. Since I’m so frugal (some would call cheap), I couldn’t pass up free laundry, so I lugged our dirty clothes through the pouring rain to the laundry room.

Then, we had to unhook our electricity and water and got absolutely drenched, even with raincoats and umbrellas. Mud puddles had become small ponds. It was incredible. It has been raining here for several days, so the water was not absorbing in the land.

We were almost out of gas as we left the campground, and asked the park ranger for the nearest gas station. I was so nervous that we would run out of gas, as there was no shoulder on the narrow road we were on, and the nearby ditches were like roaring rivers. So, I was so relieved when we approached a gas station. BUT — George drove on!!! I was so angry. He thought it was too expensive. The gas gauge showed we had 10 miles left in the tank, and the GPS said the next gas station was 12 miles. I was envisioning one of us trudging through the rain to the gas station. Miraculously, we made it to the next town and bought gas. (Not all that much cheaper, I might add).

We drove all day through the rain. We stopped at a McDonalds for wifi, and we had to wade through a small lake to get to the entrance. Some of the roads only had one lane open. Finally, in late afternoon, we ran out of the rain.

We arrived at our next Harvest Host site. We were a bit wary, since there was no signage and it is down a lonely road. However, we were astounded at the large, prosperous operation. The owner/brewmaster was very nice, and chatted with us as we tasted a few of their 24 beers, all really tasty.

He gave us a tour and told us how he got set up.

On the weekends, the brewery has Cajun music and food on the patio.

The brewery is located on the Bayou Teche, one of the largest bayous in the area.

Kayakers can dock and come taste beers.

The brewery is next to this little house, that looks so much like Louisiana.

This big oak tree is also very typical of Louisiana.

This small building was the original brewery and is now a coffee roasting place. We are hoping to try their coffee in the AM.

We listened to public radio that played Cajun music between news stories.

DINNER: Japanese soba noodles with a broth of sautéed veg and chicken.

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