Retirement keeps us busy!

We are spending some time in our tiny house in Mission, Texas. Our community has a lot of activities available. Today was full of events I was interested in…..

I left the house at 9:45, prepared for all the activities (change of clothes, drinks, name tags, etc).

First was a one-hour yoga class. It is a beginner class (good for me). We each pay $5 for the instructor who is very good.

Then, a quick dash inside the clubhouse to change into my swimsuit. I did a one-hour “high intensity” water aerobics class, followed by a 45-minute fun, upbeat class. My hands were certainly shriveled after both classes!

Then, another quick dash to shower and change back to regular clothes, just in time to join “Wine Wednesday”. It is about a 2-hour informal get-together. I brought club soda instead of wine, as I knew I would be parched.

Returning home at 4:00 (after being gone since 9:45), we jumped in the car and went to the mall to get our eyes tested and new glasses ordered. Mine were terribly scratched up, due to normal wear, then worsened when I ran into the trailer awning one day last week. Ouch! The children were trick-or-treating in the mall. Cute!

Then, time to relax. We went to one of our favorite restaurants called Loretto ( for happy hour. They were offering bottles of wine half price. We shared some wine and crab cakes on the patio…

DINNER: Frozen pizza, jazzed up with peppers and cheese.

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