Note to a faithful blog reader (my brother)……We live in the tiny house while we are here. For some reason we can’t get PBS over the air in the house, but we can get it in the Airstream. So, most evenings, we saunter over to the Airstream and watch PBS news and any other good PBS programs. When we have houseguests, we give them the option – either sleep in the Airstream or the tiny house bedroom. Come check it out!!!

Today’s news……

A busy Saturday….After a morning full of two line dancing classes and a water aerobics class, we visited the National Butterfly Center, which is right next door. They were celebrating a Community Day, so entrance was free. :-).

There were millions of butterflies flying around. In their visitor center, they chart the number of species spotted each day. 66 different ones in the month of October. Amazing! I didn’t know that there are that many different kinds!

It was also fun to watch the people watching the butterflies. Many are very serious and spend hours gazing at and photographing butterflies.

We did our part….

This one was so tame that George almost petted it…

Butterflies make their annual migration right through this area, from Mexico to the Northeast USA and Canada, with others to California. Unfortunately, the “Wall” is slated to go right through this center. Speaking of the Wall, every night, all night long, we hear the helicopters of Border Patrol. They have been recently supplemented by the National Guard due to the migrant caravan. Crazy!

The town of Mission’s symbol is the butterfly, so you see butterfly sculptures all over town. This is the one at our village’s entrance….

Later, I went to the Mission library, and this is in front of it…

At the library, I typed and printed cover letters, explanations, and French/English translations of all the Quebec medical bills that we need to submit to insurance companies. It is a very nice library and the staff are super friendly and helpful (in both Spanish and English, of course)

DINNER: Asian noodles. I made a big batch of vegetable stir-fry (frozen Asian vegetables, onions, garlic, and ginger), along with bits of leftover frozen pork chops. I cooked in a sauce of chicken broth, sesame oil, and soy sauce. I served it over soba (Japanese buckwheat noodles). Sprinkled with sesame seeds. As they say in Japan…..oishikata!

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