It’s Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Christmas!

LOCATION: In our “tiny house” in Mission, Texas

WEATHER: Sunny (finally) and a bit cool – 60s

A few people have started to decorate for Christmas in our village…

We got rid of all of our Christmas decorations when we retired in 2013 and hit the road, so we won’t be decorating. I’m trying hard not to re-accumulate “stuff”!

We met with a fellow Minnesotan Air Streamer who lives here. He has a great voice and leads a Christmas sing-along each year. He “twisted my arm” and now I’m going to accompany him and the singers on the piano. He loaned me his electric piano and I’m practicing…

The only place we could place the piano is in the Airstream. (Maybe this will start a trend). I’m quite nervous, so I’m practicing a lot. I haven’t touched a piano in about 15 years.

We invited a couple over for drinks. Sadly, they are moving at the end of November. They are full-timers, and are just here for a month. We enjoying talking about our travels. They have done some hosting, which we are toying with.

DINNER: Risotto with seared scallops. In keeping the theme of using up Thanksgiving leftovers, I used the leftover vegetable broth I had made for the stuffing for the risotto, and also poured in a bit of leftover Thanksgiving gravy. Little by little, I’m using everything up!

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