Twas the Night Before Christmas….

LOCATION: Housesitting outside of Weaverville, near Asheville, North Carolina

WEATHER: Perfect – wintry and sunny..

We and the animals lounged around the house this morning. Kevin, the Maine Coon cat, seemingly devies gravity in his favorite hanging-out place, perched precariously on the top of the couch…

The animals spent the morning much like this, interspersed with spurts of energy chasing each other around.

Then, George and I headed out for a short road trip to Waynesville, through the mountains, about 25 miles from here. Our Nova Scotia friends had told us about a cool brewpub there that we wanted to check out. We followed the Smoky Mountain National Byway near the National Park.

Waynesville is another delightful mountain town. The downtown is very vibrant, and the shops and sidewalks were filled with shoppers. Always so heartening to see. We stopped in at the Boojum Brewery, named after a famous boojum (like a bigfoot) who supposedly lived near here, and who liked beer.

We shared a bean burger and a cup of homemade mushroom soup, then strolled the streets of Waynesville, window-shopping.

Back home, I checked out the hot tub in the backyard. Some pervert caught a photo of me….

DINNER: Grilled steak with a side of cheesy broccoli/potato mash.

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