Border Patrol

LOCATION: In our tiny house in Mission, Texas

WEATHER: WINDY! Winds of 55+mph yesterday, from the south – so warm in the 80s. In the night, the wind shifted from the north, still at these high gusts, but now in the 50s!

Since we are so close to the border (less than one mile), there is a lot of border patrol presence here. Their vehicles are everywhere…

And we hear their helicopters 24/7. Sometimes their cars cruise through our neighborhood, and sometimes they are here on foot with their dogs chasing some illegals. Residents of this community LOVE them.

With the government shutdown, they are not getting paid. So, some residents here are seeking donations to give the agents grocery store gift cards. I went up to the clubhouse yesterday, and was puzzled seeing so many of the Border Patrol cars and trucks in the parking lot. Then, I realized that there were here to pick up their cards.

The coordinator told me that they have collected $9000 so far in donations. She said it is really heart-breaking to see grown men cry with gratitude.

I did a 2-hour stint of line-dancing, as we are preparing to dance with a lot of dancers from other communities for some marathon. We were practicing steps that other communities do. I was pooped out afterwards!

We have friends that were scheduled to fly in yesterday evening from Minnesota, but due to weather in the north, their flight was canceled. We hope they make it today!

DINNER: I found a fairly complicated recipe in a Martha Stewart magazine that I gave a try — Pork Wellington. It was a big tenderloin stuffed with mushrooms and spinach, then wrapped up in prosciutto and a phyllo dough crust. Then, drizzled with a creamy Dijon mustard sauce. Quite a bit of work, with so-so results.

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