Enjoying Minnesota friends

LOCATION: In our tiny house in Mission, Texas

WEATHER: Drizzle and cool; high upper 50s

A former work colleague from Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota and her husband joined us for lunch. They are visiting here in their RV. It was great seeing them. We took them for a car ride around the area slated for the Wall. George took us down muddy roads next to the Rio Grande. A bit dicey in parts. Lots of Border Patrol pick-up trucks all over the place. This is the little mission church that will be destroyed. It is quite controversial.

The quilting group and I finished up the project. We took a quilt made by my great-grandmother in 1893, and cut out a big piece that is in good condition. The quilters mounted it into a shadow box. Then, my aunt and uncle from Alberta sent me a set of needles, thread and thimble that my great-grandmother used. We attached that to the quilt piece, along with a little explanation I typed up. Then, in another picture frame, I showed photos of the 5 generations that have had the quilt. Two photos – one from the 1920s and one from 1989. My mother and grandmother are in both. Cool!

The afternoon was busy with online exploring flight options for our upcoming housesitting assignments in Seattle, then in Guadalajara, and then back to Texas.

DINNER: A Mexican twist on risotto. Why not? I made traditional risotto with white wine and home-made vegetable broth. At the end, I added bits of leftover chicken and beef fajita meat along with onions and peppers leftover from our taco lunch. I added a bit more cheese at the end. It turned out very well!

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