Excitement in Retama Village

LOCATION: In our tiny house in Mission, Texas

WEATHER: Overcast. High 60s

We attended the Photography Club weekly meeting in our Retama community clubhouse. It was an extremely interesting presentation showcasing a neighbor’s trip to southern Africa. The close-up photos of the animals were spectacular. We are tentatively thinking of a trip there next year. Perhaps combining a tourist trip with a housesitting assignment.

In the afternoon, George went up to the clubhouse to play a game of bocce ball while I stayed in the tiny house. Suddenly, our phone rang, and one of the other players asked me to come down to play as they needed an extra player. Despite my terrible playing, my partner and I managed to win both matches!

Later in the day, as we were unloading the car from a trip to the supermarket, suddenly several Border Patrol pick-up trucks started zooming by our house (obviously not heeding the 15 mph speed limit). Then, two Border Patrol agents came galloping down the street in front of our house on their horses!

More and more Border Patrol vehicles whizzed by our house. Finally, things settled down and they started going up and down the streets more slowly. One stopped to see if we had seen any illegals. We were told that Border Patrol had spotted a group of five migrants. They had apprehended one, climbing our neighborhood wall, and were looking for the other four people. All of this in broad daylight – about 4:00 PM.

Shopping at the supermarket was an adventure, too. I always split up the grocery list and give George a few items to pick up. After this unsupervised timeframe (I really should know better by now, as this often happens), he appeared at the check-out with a grocery cart of items NOT on his list, including an entire hog head!! A photo will follow once he slow-cooks it on the grill. Right now it is a frozen, ugly thing.

DINNER: Salmon burgers on ciabatta rolls. Quite tasty. I tested out a snack recipe, easy and nutritious. You just drain and wash a can of garbanzo beans. Whisk up some olive oil, black pepper, salt and lemon zest, and stir in the garbanzos. Bake on a cookie sheet lined with aluminum foil at 400 for 40 minutes. They turn out crunchy, like nuts. I will do it again, experimenting with other spices, like oregano or curry.

One thought on “Excitement in Retama Village

  1. Keith

    If you go to Nairobi I can arrange a cultural immersion trip like no other. August is the best time to see animals, but also the most expensive- airfare in the thousands. We sent someone in May and it was about $800. Huge difference. Might rain though. We know several “African” hotels that are not so expensive.


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