Having fun with the Retama Village “gals”

LOCATION: In our tiny house in Mission, Texas

WEATHER: Overcast. Highs in 60s

Our Retama Village sponsors a fashion show every year, with proceeds benefitting a local elementary school whose pupils desperately need clothing, etc. We weren’t around last year, but this year the organizer contacted me early to see if I would be available to be a model! The fashion show is this coming Friday. It is an old-fashioned tea party with ladies sipping from fancy cups and sampling little bits of fine finger food. There will be about 15 models, including one brave male. There are 3 boutiques that let us model their clothing. It is great advertising for them, too. Three of us were assigned this particular boutique in Weslaco, and we headed there this morning to select our outfits. What fun! Especially, since price was no object! The owner (pictured here) helped us select outfits that look good on each of us. After we found an outfit we like, she escorted us to the jewelery department to pick up jewelery that would look good with our outfits, then to the purse section, and finally to the shoe department. Then, we did it all over again. Each of us will model two outfits.

After 3 hours of trying on clothes (hard work!), we stopped at a place for lunch and chatted. It was quite nice.

Then, in the PM, I went to the clubhouse and worked on flights for our upcoming housesitting assignments. I found us flights to Seattle for less than $200. Yeah!

In the evening, some other Retama Village ladies picked me up to go to a line-dancing marathon. One of the RV parks has a very large community center. Ladies (and men) from various parks came together last night to line dance. Our group has been feverishly practicing the dances the last two weeks, as they are different from the ones we normally do. After about 3 hours, we called it quits, although we had only made it through 20 of the 39 songs on the playlist!

DINNER: Since I was out dancing, George was on his own. He fired up the grill and grilled a nice tuna steak for himself – charred on the outside, pinkish in the middle. While he had the grill going, he cooked up some bacon for a recipe I’m working on, and some liver and onions that he can eat one day for lunch (as I don’t like the smell, and didn’t want the odors in the house).

Great day!

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