Newest housesitting assignment

LOCATION: Fredricksburg, Texas

WEATHER: Cold (39 high) and drizzle

We got an early start, and headed 5 hours north to Fredericksburg. As its name implies, it has a lot of German influence. The area has a Napa Valley feel — lots and lots of vineyards, tasting rooms, darling downtown with cute shops, lots of restaurants, and peach orchards.

We are staying in a cute, recently beautifully updated cottage.

Our charges are Baxter, a loveable beagle, and Chuy, an elderly mini dachsund. We parked our Airstream in front of their house and got settled in. While we were moving in, the dogs rested on the couch.

Chuy didn’t want to take a walk, so Baxter and I had a nice stroll around the neighborhood to explore.

DINNER: Chicken cooked on an outdoor George Foreman grill. Some herbed rice that I had brought with us and a salad rounded out the nice meal.

We are looking forward to our week here

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