To the Rodeo!

LOCATION: In our tiny house in Mission, TX

WEATHER: Hot (85) and sunny

We had a really busy day on Saturday – 3 line dancing classes and 2 water aerobics classes. Then, our community had its annual progressive dinner party. We stopped at 5 different houses for what was supposed to be small bites, but turned in to huge portions. The margarita “wagon” roamed the streets in search of thirsty walkers. Then, in the evening we attended a performance of a guy who played the piano and sang. It was quite good – songs from Elton John, Billy Joel, etc.

So, today, a different form of entertainment – the rodeo! It was at the fairgrounds of a town about 25 miles from here. All I can say is WOW! First we walked around the area, full of horrible food like funnel cakes, fried onions, etc.

Lots of people were riding the rides and eating and eating. We looked at the animal section – some goats were being judged.

The rodeo was quite interesting. It started with introductions of all the cowboys

Then, we watched the cowboys rope and wrestle the steers. It was a contest to see which team could do it the fastest. Here is a steer coming out of the gate…

Then, small (age 3 or so) children rode sheep for something called Mutton Bustin’. The goal was to hang on to the wool as long as possible. There were a lot of tears – either frustration or pain.

The sheep were glad to get away…

Besides the fast food, Budweiser was doing a good business. Here is Cowboy George enjoying (NOT) a Bud..

When we returned home, we immediately showered. Hot, sweaty, and dirty were we.

DINNER: Trying to eat up leftovers, we finished up some scallops in a garlic, white wine sauce. Mixed in some lima beans and capers. Salad was a nice, ripe tomato with leaves from my fast-growing basil plant.

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