Seattle, Here We Come!

LOCATION: Housesitting in Seattle, WA

WEATHER: Hot in Texas, very pleasant in Seattle – high 50s and sunny

Our kind neighbor drove us to our local airport for a 7:00 AM flight. We arrived, nice and early, only to be informed that the flight was delayed for an hour. Since we had a tight connection in Houston, I spoke to a customer service agent and arranged a back-up flight. Not too much was available – either full planes or limited transfers due to weather. The Denver airport was closed due to a storm so that eliminated a lot of the options. The best he could find was for us to fly to Washington, DC, then to Seattle, arriving at about 8:30 PM. Wow!

We touched down in Houston at 9:00, and our connecting flight was scheduled to close its doors for boarding at 9:20. Of course, we were at the back of the plane, and it seemed to take forever to disembark. I told George I would run ahead and see if they would hold the plane. Unfortunately, our connecting flight was on a different concourse, requiring a long walk, then a skytrain, then another walk. I ran and ran, and was quite winded. I arrived as they were closing the doors. I said George was right behind me. We waited and waited. No George. The gate agent apologized but said they could hold the flight only one more minute. Finally, George appeared. I was afraid that he had had another heart attack running through the airport, but he had gone to the wrong gate!!! We plopped in our seats, and off we went for a 4-hour flight to Seattle.

We flew over green pastures, then fields covered with snow, and finally snowy mountains. We flew right over Mt Ranier.

Our homeowner picked us up and helped us get oriented. They live in an area of Seattle called Magnolia, beautifully situated on a bluff overlooking Puget Sound.

We stopped in Magnolia Village, a cute area within walking distance of our house, full of cute shops and restaurants. We had a croissant (late lunch) at a French bakery.

Then, on to home where we met Dundee, our charge for the next week.

We walked back to Magnolia Village for dinner at a very popular Greek restaurant. We shared a gyro. Early to bed, due to the time zone difference, and the fact that we would get up early tomorrow to take the homeowners to the airport.

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