Getting around in Seattle

LOCATION: Housesitting in Seattle, Washington

WEATHER: Another un-Seattle-like weather day. 78 and sunny

After two nice walks in the neighborhood with our dog Dundee, we rewarded ourselves with an outing.

We visisted 2 breweries in Ballard. The microbreweries there have collaborated and offer prizes when customers get their “beer passport” filled up. Today we visited our 5th and 6th ones, so got our passport stamped, and redeemed our prizes.

Parking is almost impossible, even on a Wednesday afternoon. (Why aren’t these people at work?) Rental bikes are very popular. They are solar-powered to help riders manage the hills. They cost $.15/minute. You see the bikes everywhere. Riders pick them up, and then leave them whereever they stop.

A lot of people don’t bother with car ownership, which certainly makes sense. You also see these rental cars scattered on the streets.

We have also seen homeless villages – some tent groups, tiny cabins, and ancient RVs – just parked (forever) on side streets.

We explored Ballard a bit, going as far west as we could, arriving at a very popular beach. Then, back to the fishermen’s terminal where we had eaten lunch yesterday. We bought some seafood for dinners. This is Seattle’s popular Dungeness Crabs.

DINNER: Grilled halibut (purchased today at the fish market) with some rice and salad. Really good. Halibut is my favorite fish, I think.

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