A Day on the Lake

LOCATION: House-sitting in Seattle, Washington
WEATHER: Again, the weatherman was happily wrong. Rain and cold predicted; Sunny and nice (60) actual

Our daughter had somehow found out about free boat rides on Lake Union on Sundays, and sent us the info. Since it was a nice day, we thought we would check it out, and boy, we are glad we did!

Lake Union is a very large lake in the central part of Seattle. It connects via a canal to Puget Sound, so there are some very large yachts and ships on the lake.

The free Sunday boat rides are offered by volunteer boat lovers through The Center of Wooden Boats.

It was a good thing that we arrived early, as a long line started forming immediately.

We signed up for this little boat. Our boat captain told us it was built in the 1950s as a “picnic boat”. Ladies would take it out for a picnic.

The captain told us a lot of interesting things about the lake as we circled it. We saw hundreds of huge, beautiful yachts. He said that many are never used; the ultra rich people in Seattle buy them just for the prestige.

Then we passed several sections of floating homes. All unique and cute. The glass artist Chiluly is from Seattle. He owns one of these houses.

This floating home was used for filming the movie “Sleepless in Seattle”. Recently it sold for $3.3 million.

We saw a lot of seaplanes taking off and landing. The lake is actually classified as an international airport. Boeing got its start here by building small seaplanes used as mail carriers to Vancouver, B.C.

One of the strangest sites was this floating hot tub, available to rent and cruise around the lake.

On our way back home, we stopped at a wonderful oyster bar for lunch. George had this huge Pacific scallop topped with flying fish eggs.

In the afternoon, we played with our charges.

We (correction – George) are figuring out the bus system. Our homeowners had recommended an Italian restaurant/lounge called Vito’s that was popular among the Italian mafia. We figured out to get there by bus, followed by a hike up a HUGE hill. It still has a mafia “vibe” and is very dark inside. We had drinks and an appy at the bar, listened to a great jazz piano player, then figured out the bus back home.

DINNER: Using some cooked rice the homeowners had left, I made a shrimp/veg stir fry.

The homeowners, a young couple, don’t have TV, but they have an ipad loaded with Netflix, so we are watching some programs each evening.

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