Market Day

LOCATION: Housesitting in Jocotepec, Mexico

WEATHER: 85 high; sunny

Evenings and mornings are delightfully cool. As soon as we got up, we opened up the house for the fresh air. Breakfast outside on the patio.

Thursday is market day, so we headed there. We walked past lots of little shops and sidewalk tables set up for impromptu food stalls.

Fruit and veg are really nice and inexpensive. Some of the pricies – 5 avocados for $1; 3 oranges for $.50; liter of raspberries $.50.

I think it is strawberry season, so we will buy some next time. There were some items that we couldn’t figure out, even when I asked what they are called.

Lots of chicken being sold, but not too much refrigeration in sight…..

Ditto for fish and seafood. I don’t buy it if it just sitting out in the heat….

We did find a nice-looking meat store with the meat in a refrigerated case. We bought a pound of bacon and a rack of ribs for $3.

Back home, we played with Frida, and talked with the men still working on the swimming pool. We have a large fenced-in backyard so Frida can run around. The backyard has some exotic plants – papaya tree, macadamia nut tree, mandarin orange tree, mango tree, and lots of palms. Gardener George did some watering.

The bougainvillea are so pretty.

DINNER: George grilled the ribs on the outdoor grill, along with onions and peppers. Ate this with the tortillas from the rotisserie chicken place that the server insisted on giving us. We dined on the patio again, which will probably be our norm..

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