Lunch with the Ladies

LOCATION: Housesitting in Jocotepec, Mexico

WEATHER: High 83. Sunny

Busy day. Lilia the maid came, and we conferred a lot about packing up. Then, I caught the bus to go to line-dancing in Ajijic. The buses here are easy, frequent, and cheap. I was proud to do it by myself (no biggie, though). George stayed home, and walked up to the Jocotepec Plaza for coffee with the gringos.

Today we had our class in the home of one of the dancers. The house used to belong to the Canadian ambassador, and is now a spiritual retreat. It is absolutely lovely. When you open the front door, you immediately see this courtyard

Rooms, mostly all open, flank the center. I heard the lady say that they bought the house fully furnished with some beautiful hand-made pieces like these chairs.

This is one of the table-tops..

After our class, we went to a French bistro (of all things) which was actually lovely. A great thing about the climate here is that almost everything is outdoors. We sat in the restaurant’s courtyard and had things like omelettes, crepes, quiche and baguette sandwiches. You woud not know you were in Mexico!

We walked on the Ajijic malecon (lakeside boardwalk) where several Mexican tourists were strolling. Suddenly, a group of Indian men started playing indigenous music. They danced a while, then climbed this pole, as high as a telephone pole

After five of them climbed up, they did a dance on top, then started swinging around. Quite a show!

Back home, we relaxed and played with Frida in the backyard. George had computer problems, so figured out the solution via a Skype call with one of our daughters.

DINNER: A pasta dish kindly left by the homeowner. I doctored it up with some grilled vegetables.

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