Line-Dancing Quest

LOCATION: Housesitting in Jocotepec, Mexico

WEATHER: Hot- High 90. Sunny.

We caught the bus to Ajijic. Riding the bus is a real adventure. It is a great system. The bus runs frequently, and is cheap. There are a few designated official stops, but you can flag it down wherever, and ask to jump off wherever (while the bus is still rolling along). We can conveniently catch it at the end of our block. We know the fare to Ajijic, about $.60 each. Sometimes the driver gives change; sometimes not. Some people pay; others do not.

Today’s driver brought his son with him, who sat right next to him.

Later, his little daughter got on the bus and sat in his lap. He happily texted and talked on his phone the entire route, while turning up the volume of the Mexican music on the radio. Fiesta!

Ajijic is about 12 miles from our house, but the bus ride takes an hour, due to its frequent stops and the large topes (big speed-bumps) on the highway. That hour is like going from one world to another – from old Mexico to a Mexican resort catering to Gringos.

Our destination was the Lake Chapala Society, a meeting place for gringos. I did my line-dancing class.

Like restaurants and shops, the dance studio is “al fresco”.

The groundskeeper there is quite a character.

The grounds there are beautiful…

We walked about a mile through Ajijic to the Brewhouse where we had a beer and chicken wings for lunch (half-price wing day today). Walking really enables us to see things better, like this wall mural.

Then, we flagged the bus down on the highway, and came back home to Frida.

We relaxed with margaritas on the patio with chips and George’s spicy, tasty pico de gallo.

DINNER: Sea bass filets on the grill. The same medly of veg as we had last night, but tonight with Asian flavors. A nice baguette that we picked up at a French bakery in Ajijic. Gourmet!

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