Swap Meet at Alumapalooza

CAMPGROUND: Airstream factory
LOCATION: Jackson Center, Ohio – between Columbus and Dayton
WEATHER: Mostly sunny. High 80

Another early morning yoga session started our day. Then, we set up a table at the swap meet. Anyone who wants to sell stuff can just grab a table and set up shop. We sold several things – with the bike rack being the main, big thing.Happily we sold about everything! So nice to not have to haul that stuff around. To celebrate our earnings, we headed out to another cute town near us. We had read that they have a gas station that is also a growler filling station. They have a great selection. George liked their artwork outside.Back to the Airstream, and to the public swimming pool for our last showers. We will be boondocking for the next few days, so want to start off clean!

We attended the final sessions at Alumapalooza including a nice farewell dinner. Back at the Airstream, we started getting things set up for an early departure tomorrow morning. We are heading for a Harvest Host winery in Illinois, about 300 miles down the road. We also want to move to the gravel area as more rain is expected tonight.

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