Minnesota – big state with big things!

CAMPGROUND: Red River Recreation Area. Located almost downtown on the river. Most sites are pull-through. Nice showers and bathrooms. Full hook-ups. Great grill and picnic table. Sites are far apart with lots of grassy areas for privacy. $40. 4 stars out of 5. (Would have rated it a 5 for amenities, but $40 seems a bit high)
LOCATION: East Grand Forks, Minnesota
WEATHER: All over the board. Sun, severe thunderstorms, cool, then hot to 96

We left our WalMart spot in Rochester early, just grabbing a coffee at the Kwik Trip in front of our trailer in the parking lot =:)

Traveling NW through Minneapolis would have been the most direct route, but we would have hit it at morning rush hour. So, we traveled west through farmland, then north to hook up with Interstate 94 way west of The Cities. The farms are really big and farmers are out in the fields with their huge machines.

Some of the fields are still very wet.

Everything seems big here…..the silos are incredible. We passed through several cute farm towns.

About noon, the sky turned black and we watched the thermometer plunge from 80 to 62 in minutes. After the storm, it warmed back up. Then, as we drove north, it kept getting hotter and hotter, topping out at 96.

Hot and tired, we wanted to stop for the day. We drove 444 miles, from SE to NW Minnesota.

A camping app we just installed misdirected us to a little neighborhood in Grand Forks, North Dakota where there was clearly no RV park. Then, I found this campground online and thankfully it was nearby, but across the bridge back into Minnesota in East Grand Forks.

The campground has just been opened for the summer, as it was flooded by the adjacent Red River.

We turned on the A/C, then walked through the park to a lodge-like bar/restaurant overlooking the river. We enjoyed a beer and an artichoke appetizer while the Airstream was cooling off.

DINNER: I am trying to use everything up in the freezer, as I need to defrost it (due to the high humidity we traveled through in the South). So, it was leftover chicken parmesan tonight although the amount of chicken was fairly sparse. I added the last of the sauteed zucchini and onions, so it was quite tasty.

We enjoyed the evening, as it cooled off nicely, and were able to open up all the windows for the night.

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