The vast prairie

CAMPGROUND: Bengough Municipal Park. Small city park in a little town. About 20 sites. Full hook-ups on grassy/gravel level sites. No fire pits (due to fire scare). Picnic tables. Old, but clean bathroom. $29/night. 4 stars out of 5.
LOCATION: Bengough, Saskatchewan, in SW part of province.
WEATHER: Mostly sunny. Late afternoon storms. High 90

We had heard a funny noise coming from one of the tires when we first pulled in at Moose Mountain 3 days ago. This morning, before we took off, George wanted to check it out.

It is quite an ordeal to jack up the trailer and to take the tire apart. He spent a lot of time on it, and then decided it needed to be taken care of by a professional. So, we drove into the nearest town and luckily found a mechanic that could work on it. He kindly worked us into the schedule, and fixed the problem within 30 minutes. These internal parts had become tangled up. (I am sure there is a more technical description.)

Really bad thunderstorms, high winds (80mph), and hail were predicted, so we hurried to Bengough, our next destination. It was almost due west. It was a long stretch of nothing (about 180 miles), through the prairie. No trees, but thousands of these oil wells. We watched a storm approaching from miles away.

We arrived at this little park, got set up, and then sat inside to enjoy the thunderstorm – lightning, rain, and thunder all around us.

A local lady came by to collect our money. She was a real character. She sat inside with us and chatted a long time – probably relished the opportunity to meet new people. We talked a lot about the sorry state of politics – in both USA and Canada.

DINNER: The storm cleared, and Tony set up his gas grill for his turn to cook. He did the Mennonite smokies (similar to brats) with all of the trimmings plus sauerkraut. We put up our awning under the picnic table, and dined “al fresco” as it turned out to be a beautiful evening.

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