Work, and then an outing as our reward

LOCATION: With my aunt and uncle in Grande Prairie, Alberta on their farm

WEATHER: Mostly sunny. High 66

We took advantage of the sunny day by doing a lot of cleaning of the Airstream and pick-up. The Airstream now is really shining!

We also did a little gardening and tree-trimming.

After all of that work, we decided to have lunch in a cute, little cafe out in the country. It is a Norwegian community whose Heritage Association runs the cafe. Everything is homemade. We had soup and sandwiches, followed by homemade wild blueberry pie. Martha is delighted….

Back home, I worked for several frustrating hours planning our trip following this respite with Aunt Martha and Uncle Leo. Traveling in the summer is not nearly as fun as in off-season. Summer travel requires reservations for many places, so you lose your spontaneity. Almost every place that I looked at today is already full. I will continue searching tomorrow.

DINNER: After our big lunch, we just had a salad. It was quite good – a chef’s salad with spinach, green onions from the garden, lettuce, chopped chicken breast, hard-boiled eggs, and Parmesan.

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