Grande Prairie Living

LOCATION: At my aunt and uncle’s farm in Grande Prairie, Alberta

WEATHER: Mostly sunny. High 70

Today was errand day in Grande Prairie – groceries, propane, RV shop. We rewarded ourselves with lunch in a restaurant. We shared a hamburger, made with delicious Alberta beef.

We drove by my cousin’s business – JDA – Jarvis Dawson & Associates. His company services oil and gas rigs out in the oilfields. They keep very busy and have a lot of huge equipment.

Grande Prairie is an oil and gas town. It currently has about 70,000 population. It is sort of a boom and bust environment. Now it is booming. It is 300 miles NW of Edmonton. Americans on their way to Alaska pass through here. Yesterday, we saw some RVs on their way back from Alaska – you can tell, as they are very dirty.

In the afternoon, we met Jack, a caregiver from the Phillipines who help out my aunt and uncle. He returned from his vacation, bringing lots of Phillipino food that we are anxious to taste.

DINNER: Appetizer was Jack’s spring rolls. We BBQd a rotisserie chicken. Sides were Brussels sprouts (my brother’s recipe) and baked potato wedges.

One thought on “Grande Prairie Living

  1. Nancy Hochbein

    Looks like you are having a great time with your aunt and uncle. I think I met them at Meredith’s high school graduation party at your house. Is that correct? Were they there? Happy 4th of July to you and George and all! Nancy Hochbein


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