On the Cowboy Trail

CAMPGROUND: Sundre Municipal Campground. Right on the Red Deer River, in the little town of Sundre. A small campground with about 40 sites. Most have electricity, like ours. It is next to the town’s museum. $21/night. Big sites with trees separating sites. Decent bathrooom, although a little dated. Fire pit and picnic table. 4 stars (almost 5) out of 5
LOCATION: Sundre, Alberta, Canada – about an hour NW of Calgary
WEATHER: Miserable in the AM; warming up in the PM to 62

We started the day in Paddle River in cold rain. We quickly hooked up and headed south. We spent the entire day, 200 miles, on highway 22, otherwise known as the Cowboy Trail.

Driving due south, we passed a lot of oil and gas fields, canola fields, and big cows. We had planned to stop in Rocky Mountain House or Caroline, but it was still early, and still cold (50) and rainy.

When the car’s temperature gauge finally showed that the outside temperature hit 60 and it quit raining, we decided to look for a campground. We found this one – so delightful! We enjoyed chatting a bit with the campground host – a man from England, with a strong Yorkshire accent. He took me around in his golf cart to select the site that we preferred. We found one right on the river.

We walked around the town and did one of the town’s riverfront hikes. Then, I made a fire. (I am getting good at this!) Meanwhile, George took advantage of the sun and rearranged the back of the truck.

We have quite a bit of firewood we need to use up before crossing the US border in a few days. So, we placed the wood in an accessible place and I piled more on the campfire.

Speaking of crossing the border, we need to use up our liquor, too, so George sipped on beers while working on the truck. I did my duty by having a glass or 2 of wine….

DINNER: We had planned on eating Phillipino caregiver Jack’s meat pies with Leo and Martha, but that was the day of the mud experience and we didn’t have a chance to eat them. So, tonight I warmed a few up for dinner. Very tasty – very British. I made a mustard sauce for them. Sides were leftover Brussels sprouts and a salad.

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