A 60th wedding anniversary party

LOCATION: At my aunt and uncle’s house in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada
WEATHER: Beautiful. Sunny. High 70

Today was party day – to celebrate my Uncle Leo and Aunt Martha’s 60th anniversary. I was one of the flower girls at the wedding 60 years ago. (I am the smallest girl in this photo.) My dad was the best man, and he is the shortest man in the photo.

We started the day by running some errands – buying gifts and picking up some last-minute food items for the party.

The party was held at my cousin Jarvis’s house in their swimming pool/entertainment area…a perfect place to accomodate a large party.

Jarvis’s wife did all the cooking and put on a huge spread.

There was a great turn-out – about 90 guests. Thank goodness the weather was nice, as some people spilled out onto the patio to eat.

Midway through the party, there was a little ceremony. Some people sang and told stories. Uncle Leo and Aunt Martha spoke, and did a little dance. Quite nice!

There was a toast and cake to share.

After the guests left, my cousin made prime rib for a very nice dinner for the family.

We enjoyed one of the firepits after dinner.

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