Day trip to Wisconsin

CAMPGROUND: 3rd night at Autumn Woods RV Park
LOCATION: Rochester, Minnesota, in SE part of state
WEATHER: Not very nice. Rain all day. High 58

We turned the heat on in the Airstream as the morning felt cool and damp. We enjoyed our Sunday morning ritual by watching CBS Sunday Morning.

Then, off to the Mississipi with daughter Alexis and her boyfriend Graham. We drove through the rolling hills, filled with corn and cows, arriving in the river town of Wabasha, Minnesota. The town obviously has a lot of community pride, as it was filled with fall decor on every street corner and in front of every business.

Then, across the Mississippi to Nelson, Wisconsin where we stopped for a late lunch at Nelson’s Creamery. It is one of my favorite places to visit on a Sunday afternoon.

Being a creamery, they make their own cheese and ice cream. It has 3 parts – retail where they sell cheese, ice cream cones, and wine, and a second part that is a sandwich shop, and a 3rd part (our destination), the Wine Room.

It is quite cozy, and often has a roaring fire going in the fireplace. Alas, I couldn’t eat or drink as I have lab work tomorrow, but others enjoyed sandwiches, hummus, and some Wisconsin beers.

Alexis, a real animal-lover, found this kitty on the back patio

The old creamery has a lot of atmosphere, and is covered by ivy in the back

Back home, we had a quiet evening in the Airstream. I watched George eat and drink…..and moped!

DINNER: Chicken breast with cheesy mashed potatoes. Salad on the side.

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