A day of appointments

CAMPGROUND: Another night at Autumn Woods RV Park
LOCATION: Rochester, Minnesota, in SE part of state
WEATHER: Cool and rainy. High 58

The RV park has really filled up. Many of the RVers must have Mayo Clinic appointments starting on Monday – like me! There are 2 other Airstreams that have come in.

The day was filled with appointments – at Mayo and at the dentist.

The Mayo buildings are beautiful.

They do a great job landscaping, and the flowers change with the seasons

Mayo believes that the patients’ souls need tending to, too, so they have beautiful artwork and music in most of the buildings. This statue takes up about 6 stories in the Gonda Building.

The high point of the day was meeting up with former coworkers at happy hour. So nice to see them again, and to hear about their lives and work stuff, too.

DINNER: Rotisserie chicken cooked in a bed of sauteed zucchini, mushrooms, and onions…..gotta use up all those plentiful zucchini!

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