A friends and family Sunday

CAMPGROUND: Autumn Woods RV Park

LOCATION: Rochester, Minnesota, in SE part of state

WEATHER: Beautiful fall day. Sun. High 80

Today was a day of outings with family and friends. We drove up to Minneapolis, about 100 miles, to visit my brother and his wife. They live in a beautifully restored home near one of the city’s famous lakes. We had lunch on the patio in the sun, then relaxed on the front porch. A Vikings (Minnesota) football game was going on and we listened to fans screaming with agony, then happiness, through opened windows.

On our way home, we stopped in another one of Minnesota’s cute towns and met up with a friend I have known since kindergarten. There were some tourists and locals there, biking the trails, and enjoying the waterfalls. We checked out the new brewery – https://tilionbrewing.com.

The winery there is another popular attraction. I would recommend visiting Cannon Falls as a road trip — http://cannonvalleywinery.com.

Back at the camper, we watched 60 Minutes, another one of our rituals when we have TV reception, and cooked dinner. It was kind of nice to have a quiet evening, plus an opportunity to use up all the veg we have collected.

DINNER: Shrimp gumbo. I made it with sauteed onion, bell pepper, jalapeno, and okra. I added shrimp and some previously grilled sausages at the end. I spiced it up with file’ gumbo herbs which I purchased in Louisiana a long time ago.

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