The Great River Road

CAMPGROUND: Another Harvest Host site – Potosi Brewery and National Beer Museum. In their gravel parking lot. A bit noisy, but who cares!? 4 stars out of 5. Free!
LOCATION: Potosi, Wisconsin – near Dubuque, Iowa
WEATHER: Rain. All. Day. High 85

Thunder and rain woke us up, but we were able to get ready for the road at the 65 Vines Winery without issue. We got on the Great River Road which follows the Mississippi River from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. It is designated as one of America’s Scenic Byways.

We drove most of the 250-mile trip on the Wisconsin side, crossing over to Minnesota for some cheaper gas. It was a beautiful drive, but wow – water, water, everywhere! The Mississippi is so full that the locks are wide open. The tributaries and rivers flowing into the Mississippi are swollen. Roadwork was being done to clean up landslides and mudslides on the roads under the bluffs overlooking the river. There were signs everywhere of flooding and of gouges in the soil that the rivers had made recently. And… keeps on raining!

Our GPS took us on a shortcut off the Great River Road through backroads. We came up to this Amish family who all waved gaily as we passed.

Our destination was Potosi Brewery, another Harvest Host site. Check it out at

It is a brewery established in 1852. It went bust after Prohibition, but donors poured money it in to restore it recently. There is the brewery, a brewpub, national beer museum, and beer library. George has died and gone to heaven!

After getting set up in their parking lot, we toured the museum. For $3, we bought a senior ticket which treated us to a free pint of beer (at $5/each) after the museum tour. The museum was stuffed full of beer memorabilia. What a deal!

DINNER: We ate in the brewpub restaurant. We always like to support the Harvest Hosts. We shared a brat sandwich (afterall we ARE in Wisconsin). George filled a growler for $8.

Early to bed to listen to the storm coming in …….again

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