Who says Iowa is flat?

CAMPGROUND: Rock Creek State Park. Very big – about 200 sites. About half are electric – 30 or 50 amp. Water and dump station available. Dated, stinky bathrooms. Nice sites with lake-front views. $16/night. 3 stars out of 5
LOCATION: Kellogg, Iowa – about right in the middle of the state
WEATHER: Rain in AM; cloudy in PM. Muggy. High 83

Really nearby lightning and booming thunder kept us awake most of the night in the brewery parking lot. Since we were next to the bluffs, the thunder really reverberated and shook the Airstream. Then, it started to rain really hard. When we got up, we were pleasantly surprised not to find any leaks – very puzzling.

As soon as there was a break in the rain, we took off. When we stay at Harvest Host sites, we do not unhook. We just rest the tongue on some levelers to help with the weight. This means that we have very little to do when we arrive, then leave. So, for this morning, we were lucky not to have to do much in the downpour.

We drove about 150 miles, first crossing the Mississippi. An alert on our phone said to watch for flash floods in our area. I was happy to distance ourselves from the river. The drive was quite nice, especially when it stopped raining for small periods. Lots of hills — it always gets my goat when people say that Iowa is boring and flat.

We had no plans for where to camp, but I saw this state park on the map, and we decided to check it out. It is quite pretty. Since it is fall, we had no problem getting a site, and chose a very nice, long, level one with a lake view.

I imagine that it is packed in the summer.

After getting settled (again, we are not unhooking since we will be here just one night and aren’t going anywhere), we walked around the campground and marina.

This is the view from our site

While in Rochester, the parents of our daughter’s boyfriend kindly gave us a basil plant, after seeing our pour, scraggly one. We planted it in our flower pot. It looks a lot better, but has really gotten soaked the last two days with rain.

DINNER: Time to use up the rest of the vegetables we got from our daughter’s CSA, as we will not be cooking for the next 2 nights. So, tonight I made beans & rice to use up the rest of the cilantro. I added chicken and it became a nice meal. Side was green beans. I blanched and froze the rest. George had bought a large summer squash from the Harvest Host winery the other day, so we cooked that on the grill, placed it in a casserole dish with tomato slices, fresh basil, and cheese, and then zapped it in the microwave. That became another side dish. I froze the rest. Finally, I microwaved the baby potatoes for a few minutes, then wrapped them in aluminum foil and baked them on the campfire. I will use them for breakfast tomorrow. That does it with the veg……at least until the next shopping trip! I just HATE to throw away spoiled food, and thankfully I rarely have to do that.

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