Hello and Good-bye, Missouri

CAMPGROUND: Saddlebock Brewery, another Harvest Host site. Parking is in field in back. Level. Free!
LOCATION: In NW corner of Arkansas
WEATHER: Rain, rain, rain! High 74

For about the 6th night in a row, we awoke during the night to a thunderstorm. As per the routine, George got up and closed up the windows, just in case the rain would blow in.

We enjoyed a delicious breakfast with Alan and Peggy Downs, high school classmates whose driveway we were camping on. Between downpours, George hooked us up, and away we went.

The rain was constant. At one point, we went through a “wall of water” where we couldn’t see an inch in front of us. Kind of scary. We passed a semi-trailer that had jack-knifed minutes before and was lying on its side with all of its cargo spilling out. Throughout the day, it would start to clear up, then cloud up again. Rain, rain, rain.

Since we didn’t have anything better to do, we just kept on driving. We crossed the Iowa line, then Kansas City came and went. Southern Missouri along the Intertate didn’t have much to offer, so we kept on. I found a Harvest Host site (this one) in northern Arkansas, so we thought we would aim for that.

After an 8-hour, 400-mile drive (much longer than our usual driving days), which took us from southern Iowa, through Missouri, and to NW Arkansas, we arrived at Saddlebock Brewery. As we pulled in, we said simultaneously, “We have been here before!”. We remembered the beer to be pretty good, and the brewery welcoming, so we parked and went in to introduce ourselves.

We relaxed with a drink, and quickly became the topic of conversation of the other customers. They had seen us pull in and wanted to know about life in an Airstream, and about Harvest Hosts. Info at https://harvesthosts.com

Over beer and an appetizer, we watched one of our favorite TV shows – “Sixty Minutes” (which is not normally on in bars). If you are in the area, we would recommend Saddlebock Brewery…https://saddlebock.com

KARMEN’S KITCHEN TIP: I travel with two plastic bins. The bigger one holds our coffee-making supplies and cups, and is stored in the oven.

I use the smaller one (picked up at one of George’s hospital stays) for washing dishes. I find that I use less water using a bin, rather than the entire sink. When the dishes are done, I dump the water into the toilet, to fill up the black water tank. This one travels in the sink. Both bins are sometimes used (one for soaping and one for rinsing) if we stay in a camground with a common-area dishwashing area.

DINNER: We bought a lettuce salad to go in the brewery, and added fresh tomatoes from our friends’s garden. Needing to use up smoked salmon (which we sometimes have for breakfast with cream cheese on toast), I made a pasta dish that was really good: I made pasta, then added cream cheese for a sauce, capers, boiled shrimp,, and lots of pepper. Upon serving, I topped with bacon bits and the smoked salmon slices. Super good and easy.

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