Checking out Denison

CAMPGROUND: Second night at Denison Dam
LOCATION: Denison, Texas- in northeastern tip of state
WEATHER: HOT. High 93. AM sunny; PM rain

The campground looks much better when it is sunny and not under water.

After a lazy morning, we drove around the lake and dam, then in to Denison. We stopped at the Texas Welcome Center on our way.

I had read in a travel magazine that Denison is a cute town. I am always on the lookout for the best town to live in one day. My requirements are: 1) a vibrant downtown, 2) walkable – to shops, library, grocery stores, restaurants, coffee shops, etc.3) good bus system, 4) lofts/condos for downtown living, and 5) access to a big airport. I had great hopes for Denison, but it misses the mark. (If any reader has a suggestion- send it my way please!)

The town does have a lot of cute shops-mostly antiques. We found a very authentic BBQ joint for lunch. Afterall – we are in Texas!

Then, of course, George found a microbrewery. This one is in the downtown’s old movie theater building. It is nice that it has been refurbished

While George chatted endlessly with the owner/brewer, I used their wifi to look at options for our upcoming trip to South Africa. I keep looking for additional housesitting assignments to fill in the gaps.

Back at the Airstream, we sat outside to watch the incoming thunderstorm with a magnificent lightning show.

DINNER: Salad with home-grown cucumbers and tomatoes. Main dish was leftover beans & rice with chicken. George had banana bread for dessert……While we were at the brewery, a guy came in peddling the banana bread on a tray. Regardless of my pleas to ignore the guy, George bought a loaf. He said it tasted terrible. :-=(

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