A Mexico day in Mission

LOCATION: In our tiny house in Mission, Texas
WEATHER: Ditto from before – hot and humid. High 98

I faithfully did water aerobics, even though there was only one other participant. We had to turn up the volume of the CD we exercise to, as the gardeners were busily and noisily trimming bushes.

We needed to buy some coffee, and we didn’t want to tackle the big supermarket that is always packed on Saturdays. So, we decided to pick it up at our neighborhood local (Mexican) grocery store. Since it is next door to one of our favorite authentic restaurants, we decided to make it an outing.

First we had lunch at Villa De Mar, a Mexican seafood restaurant. I like it because the food is good and the staff are very friendly. We were the only English-speaking customers, again something I like. Our waitress couldn’t speak much English and looked relieved when I spoke to her in Spanish. We shared an order of fish tacos. First up, though, was a Negra Modelo beer. It came “dressed” with a rim of chili-lime salt & pepper mix.

With the beer, the waitress served tortilla chips, a plate of refried beans, and two types of hot salsas. The chips were the authentic home-made kind, simply fried up leftover tortillas. Then, we were served complimentary bowls of fish soup. Then, the tacos. It seemed like a lot of food, but couldn’t compare with the amounts the Mexicans were eating. And…..all very inexpensive.

We stopped next door at the Mexican grocery store to buy our coffee. The selection of food is just like being in Mexico. The pinatas welcome customers in the first aisle..

Then, the fresh, hot tortillas in a hot-box….Lots of dried chiles and unusual spices that I want to learn how to use….

The produce section is amazing. All fresh and cheap. A huge stack of prickly pears and big Mexican pumpkins..

Huge piles of jalapenos

Dried chiles to scoop up….

Stacks of cheap, perfectly ripe avocados…

A large selection of Mexican cheeses..Ridiculousy cheap ($.30) big bundles of cilantro

And, pinto beans that people buy in large quantities…

Back home, we did more computer work. I lined up our flights to the town in Botswana where our safari will start. We have a few gaps in our schedule for which I am researching options. We have invited some neighbors over for cocktails next week to pick their brains about things to do in South Africa, where they spent about a month last year.

DINNER: BBQ’d chicken. This is something I started doing on the road…..I buy rotisserie chicken and then grill wings, legs, and thighs with BBQ sauce. This takes away the worry about not getting the chicken cooked throughout on the sometimes-iffy grill. I always freeze up the remaining parts of the rotisserie chicken for future meals. Sides were salad and RiceARoni, something I haven’t eaten in years, but was quite tasty. It is a leftover from my road-trip pantry box.

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