Wrapping it up in Texas

LOCATION: In our tiny house in Mission, Texas

WEATHER: Hot and humid again. The cool front (taking us down to 91) blew through, and we are up around 100 again.

We are counting down our days here with lots of to-do lists. I finished one up and started another! On today’s list was a haircut for me. All of the hair dressers are Latinas and I enjoy hearing them switch back and forth between English and Spanish.

A kind friend dropped off a broad-brimmed safari hat (for George for our Botswana safari) and a shiny blouse with lots of bling (for me to wear on the cruise ship on one of the gala nights). So nice!

I did a water aerobics class. This is my get-up….

While I was swimming, a beautiful greenjay swooped down in front of me. They are prolific here, and so beautiful.

KARMEN’S KITCHEN TIPS: I thought of another one that I use a lot while on the road in our Airstream. We have just a small place in the refrigerator to store butter. A regular butter dish will not fit. So, I buy the softened kind…..once…..then refill the tub with a stick of butter as we travel. I keep the unused quarters in the freezer until I am ready to use them.

DINNER: Every day the refrigerator and freezer look a little less crowded, as I try to use up everything before we leave. Tonight – tacos with leftover chicken and hamburger, the last of the salsa, onions, poblanos, and jalapenos – topped with some remaining sorry bits of lettuce and tomato.

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