Gala Night on the Queen Elizabeth

LOCATION: On the Queen Elizabeth, Bay of Biscay, NW of Portugal
WEATHER: A little sun. High 58

The seas have calmed a bit, so we are not rocking nearly as much. We got up early again and did our morning fitness class. We have been eating breakfast in the buffet restaurant, as there is such a nice selection. I had smoked salmon with scrambled eggs. Yum! George had English porridge. Not my cup of tea.

After the nice breakfast, I did a Zumba class. It is tricky not to fall over when the boat tips a bit. It was a fun class. Then, a lecture on things to do at our second port – Tenerife, part of the Canary Islands.

I attended a class on how to get a flat stomach. Answer: seaweed! Not sure if that is true, but they would like me to buy their seaweek detox treatments and sit in a bathtub full of seaweed. I think I will pass.

George watched a movie in the theatre, and I attended a lecture in the art museum about a particular painter. Very interesting.

We also listened to a very interesting talk about the stories behind our favorite songs.

There are 3 gala nights, each with its own theme. Men must wear a tux or at least a jacket with a tie. Women are supposed to get glamorous. We sat in one of the bars and watched the parade of beautiful clothing. Tonight’s theme was Black and White.

Then, it was our time to get glammed up. We did our best, without buying and carrying a lot of clothes with us. We clean up pretty well!

We attended the captain’s welcome cocktail party. All very British. The captain welcomed each guest, under the watchful eye of the Queen, of course…

Then, we joined our tablemates for our 8:30 dinner. I had ceviche for a starter, and the tofu with Thai rice for my main, just to see how it would taste. (good). George had duck confit for a starter, and haddock for the main course.

After dinner, we watched the Black and White Gala. It was quite a spectacle. Men mostly in tuxes, white and black, and women in elegant, sparkly evening gowns. Very glamorous!!!

We watched the ballroom dancers from the balcony…..


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