Life on the High Seas

LOCATION: On the Queen Elizabeth. Between Portugal and the Canary Islands
WEATHER: Sunny and warmer. High 70

We have a few daily rituals, like our morning stretching fitness class, but otherwise each day is different. There are many different lounges, for coffee and reading during the day, and for cocktails later.

Today, after breakfast, we went our separate ways. George attended a talk about Marco Polo and another one about tyres (tires, to us Americans). I started my morning by watching the fencing class lessons…

Then, I did a zumba class. It was a lot of fun, and easier today as the waves are calmer. After that, I watched an Indian cooking demonstration

I sat by myself at lunch, and was quickly joined by a nice British couple. People are very friendly, and often ask to share a table. They are also curious about us, being the odd Americans on board.

I checked out the library – with 8000 volumes and a full-time librarian. You see a lot of people walkiing around with books and others doing puzzles together. Very stately.We are going south and consequently it is getting sunnier and warmer. A lot of people hung out at the swimming pool.

George and I reunited in our room, then went to explore other parts of the ship. We watched a ping pong tournament, paddle tennis, some games that we weren’t familiar with, and a croquet match. On the Titanic, they dressed up a bit more for these activities…

There is a chess set on top of the ship

I went to a movie matinee in the very elegant theater. The movie was “Poms” – it was terrific. I used a lot of tissue, crying from laughter, then sadness. Highly highly recommend. (Especially if you are a Diane Keaton fan).

We joined up again in our room to dress for cocktails and dinner.
George donned his cork cap that he bought in Lisbon…Then, he became “uncorked” when he took off his cap and popped open a wine bottle with a real Portuguese cork.

We checked out the Churchill cigar room

Then, drinks in one of the lobby bars. The bartender was not busy, so spent a lot of time chatting with us and made George a special gin drink, all while we enjoyed some classical piano music.

We listened to a great saxophonist in yet another music venue lounge…

DINNER: A tomato/basil salad to start. Main for me was a goat cheese tart. George tried the frog legs for a starter, then grilled sea bass.

I cozied up in bed while George attended a ballet performance.

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