5 Days at Sea Between the Canary Islands and the Equator

LOCATION: Traveling 3000+ miles towards South Africa, on the Queen Elizabeth
WEATHER: As we near the Equator, each day gets longer and warmer. High 75 – 90

Each day on the high seas is different. We have 3 restaurants from which to choose – a buffet restaurant, an elegant sit-down venue, and the British pub. We switch it up daily, sometimes carrying a sandwich to the deck to listen to a live band next to one of the swimming pools for our lunch. The sun-loving Brits are out sunning themselves all day, every day, often with a hot cup of tea in their hands.

I read the daily “programme” daily to determine the day’s schedule. George and I have found that it is best to go our separate ways, attending sessions we are interested in, then joining up periodically.

I enjoy zumba and line dancing. The ballroom evolves from dance classes to ballroom dancing at night. Our dinner tablemates tell us that they do High Tea each day in the ballroom every day, accompanied by a harpist, and they say that it brings smiles to their faces.

The theatre is used for a lot of different purposes, too. Here we are listening to a lecture about ISIS. (Quite depressing). Every day, there are several guest lecturers, many of whom are excellent. Some other topics have been – North Korea & Russia threats, a series about safaris and game reserves in Africa, NASA, life of the royals, crocodiles, Japanese culture, and early steamship travel. It is also a movie matinee venue. Movies we have seen are: Poms, The Greatest Showman, and Bohemian Rapsody.
Then, at night it turns into a venue for really fantastic shows – Broadway-type musicals, various singers, a flautist, show bands, magician, and opera diva.

We had the second and third of the 3 gala nights. One had a masquerade ball theme and the other featured King Neptune. We sat at one of the cocktail lounges watching the parade of beautifully dressed men (in their tuxes) and women (in their sparkly evening gowns) pass by.

We also enjoy the pub, for both meals and for different musical and trivia programs.

The plentiful cocktail lounges offer outstanding music. One of the pianists is especially good. We also have enjoyed a harpist, violin and piano duo, string instruments, and pop groups.

There are several very high-end shops on board, and I am surprised at how busy they are – jewelery, clothing, gifts.

DINNER: The chefs do an excellent job. I was happily surprised one day to see sushi and sashimi on the lunch buffet. Free! (haha) Some of our dinner items: duck confit, sea bream, pork tenderloin, seafood curry, steak, pheasant, ceviche, British Sunday roast, chicken tikka masala, venison, haggis, orange roughy, seafood crepes, and I could go on…..

BOOKS – There are a lot of quiet areas to sit and read. I check out different cozy spots in the afternoons when George naps. So far, I have read – “Crowned and Dangerous” – part of a British mystery series by Rhys Bowen. 4 stars out of 5.
“The Dark Vineyard: by Martin Walker – part of a French mystery series. I like it because it takes place in one of the areas where we had a housesit – in the Dordoynes (outside of Bordeaux). 5 stars out of 5
The ship’s library has several Martin Walker books, and since my home libraries do not have many of his books, I am reading as many as possible. So another …..”Black Diamonds”. 5 stars out of 5

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