In Meghan Markle’s Footsteps!

LOCATION: Capetown, South Africa

WEATHER: Super! High 70. Sunny

Today we were 100% tourists – pounding the streets of Capetown and seeing its highlights.

Some friends had recommended the District Six Museum, so we checked it out. Here we are looking at the stories behind the 60,000 people that were removed from their houses in District Six during Apartheid…

Oops – wrong couple – Meghan and Prince Harry, not Karmen and George. They were here a few weeks ago.

It is a very interesting (and sad) museum. Actually an old church, it tells the stories of these people. Coincidentally, our cab driver told us he was born there, and his story was the same — that it was a delightful neighborhood full of diversity (everything imaginable except pure whites). Then, the whites bulldozed the area and resettled the residents in townships.

The Apartheid government imposed strict rules on where the non-Whites could walk, work, go to school, and shop. They had to carry cards that identified their race, and could be imprisoned for not carrying their cards or for violating the stipulations.

They were mostly divided between “black” (Bantu) and coloreds (everything else – mostly mixed, or Indian, Muslim, or Middle East). Coloreds were treated better, so some blacks tried to pass for colored. The government did a pencil test…..If the pencil stuck in one’s curly hair, you are black. If the pencil falls out, you are colored. If you are bald, the upper lip and nostrils were measured to make the decision. Wow!

Somehow, I don’t think Prince Harry and Megan Markle used the transportation we did – the Hop On Hop Off Bus…

It is really a deal at $30 for 3 days, with various routes all over the city and cape. It took us next to the cable car that goes up Table Mountain…

The cabin rotates 360 degrees while you are traveling up to the peak.

The views from the top are magnificent…

(not a very photogenic photo, but you get the idea….)

While we were there, the famous fog drifted in…

Some people climbed it!

Then, back on the bus to downtown. Many of the buildings still have their colonial facades.

On a different Hop On/Off bus, we drove through the touristy beach area. It is filled with elegant homes, high rises, classy shops and sidewalk cafes.

On our way home, we stopped at a grocery store to stock up again. George bought three kinds of billtong (jerky) in a deli case just for this popular food. He bought 3 kinds – game, ostrich, and kudu. A great snack, and not too expensive.

DINNER: Yeah! The BBQ grill (called braii here) works. The rooftop on the apartment has a nice, large BBQ area, and all 6 grills were busy tonight.

He grilled a pork steak and some veg (baby cabbage, onions, and bell peppers). Side was rocket (arugula) salad.

We were really pooped after a long day being a tourist!

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