Hiking to the Cape of Good Hope

LOCATION: Capetown, South Africa
WEATHER: Picture perfect, again. High 75, sunny

Today’s adventure was to the southern-most tip of Africa – Cape of Good Hope. This map helps put it in perspective, I think…

We took a tour bus for an all-day tour.

It was a nice, circular route, on a highway hugging the coast. Beautiful views. We passed through cute surfer beach towns. This one had colorful boats in the harbor.

Our first stop was Cape Point. We trudged up the hill to the lighthouse

We stopped for a rest along the way.

Then, the tour guide gave us 2 options – either hike to the Cape of Good Hope, or ride the bus. Guess what we chose???!!! We might be getting a bit old for this?

The guide warned us that it is quite dangerous. About 10 of us decided to go for it. The far point is where we are heading….

The views were amazing.

The first few feet were nice wooden steps. Then……the steps ended and it was just rocks. It was one of the most difficult hikes I have made. When we have hiked on similar paths in the USA, sometimes I sit down and scoot down the steepest bits on my butt. I couldn’t do this today, as we were in a group and there were people coming from the other direction. It was really scary – no handrails. And straight down!

As the hike continued, my legs went wobbly and so I was even more unsteady. First we went down down down, then up up up, and finally down down down to the end. We were almost there, when I stepped down wrong and twisted my ankle. Thank goodness it was almost at the end.

Hooray, we made it!

Not only did my ankle hurt, but other muscles were also aching from bending over to clutch at rocks. I was also overheated with my face beet red.

Back on the bus, and after a cold water, I felt much better.

Our next and final stop was Boulder Beach at Simonstown to watch the penguins. We opted not to go into the special penguin area (entrance fee and bad smells) and instead saw the penguins from afar as we sipped wine and beer from the nice restaurant balcony!

We arrived back in Capetown at 5:30 – a wonderful day. George went to the pharmacy to buy me some Ibuprofen and a wrap for my ankle. I can’t afford to not be mobile, as we have lots to do in the upcoming days.

DINNER: Grilled ostrich burgers. (The package had 4 burgers, so plenty for 3 meals). Sides were arugula salad and hashbrowns. And…..some nice South African wine!

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