Safari fun comes to an end…

LOCATION: Auckland Park section of Johannesburg, South Africa
WEATHER: Very pleasant. Cool. High 75

Our guide picked us up at our lodge in Kruger National Park and took us through another section of the park. We continued seeing more and more animals.

We stopped at an “oasis” for breakfast. We watched the cook bake the bread for which the restaurant is famous.

The guide took us out of the park through a different gate, then we headed toward Johannesburg. As with our trip to the park, we passed through lots of tropical fruit groves and tree plantations. Five hours later, we arrivied at the outskirts of the city, and then another hour to our location. Our tour guide/driver took us all the way. So kind.

We will be at this housesitting assignment for almost 3 weeks. The house is a colonial/old-style house with a lot of character. It is located near two universities. The neighborhood seems safe, but every house has massive gates in front of them. Our house has a big gate, too, plus locked barriers on all the windows.

We got a bit of an orientation, then took the dogs for a walk in a nearby park. Our homeowners are going on a vacation to Ethiopia, then returning here for Christmas Day, then taking off again for the South African coast. The two dogs seem easy to manage and are quite lovable. One is a “gentle giant” and the other is a little frisky dog. Both are rescue animals.

DINNER: We went to a cool section of town called Melville and had flat bread pizza in a neat place.

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