The Joys of Flying

LOCATION: Copenhagen, Denmark

WEATHER: Rain. Cool. Around 50

The best laid plans…..We were scheduled to fly from Dubai to Barcelona with a layover in Copenhagen. When we got to the airport, we found that everything had been changed. At first we couldn’t figure out why, but then learned that all flights over Iran are being redirected due to the “tensions” there. (I could say more…..)

So, the flight had to detour around Iran, adding several hours to the trip. Then, running low on fuel, we had to stop in Cyprus to refuel. I guess I can now say I have been to Cyprus.

The flight was full of crying babies and yelling children. I felt sorry for them, and their mothers. The flight ended up being 10+ hours. They ran out of food and all the ice melted for drinks. Everyone was wrecked, but tempers did not flare.

I have complimented Norwegian Airlines before as a low-fare, well-run airlines. They certainly took care of us here! Since we landed so late, we missed our connection to Barcelona. They gave us vouchers for an overnight stay here, with shuttles, dinner with wine and beer, breakfast, and rebooked our flight to Barcelona for tomorrow. All done efficiently and courteously. I was proud that I still know enough Spanish to inform our hotel in Barcelona of our delays!

We haven’t seen much of Copenhagen. It was dark when we arrived and we are just near the airport. I was here many years ago. I think I would like to return.

On to Barcelona….hopefully!

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