Big day sightseeing with Nancy!

LOCATION: South Padre Island, Texas
WEATHER: Super windy. Overcast. High 70

Our Minnesota friend Nancy said good-bye to our tiny house and to Retama Village, and then we were off….

Our first destination was Mexico. The only nice Mexican town near us (with shops and safety) is Progreso. With that come a lot of tourists. We have never seen it so busy. Our first stop was the bridge over the Rio Grande with the obligatory photo of Nancy in Mexico and me in the USA

Then, the asault to our senses – people yelling to get us to go to their pharmacy (to buy just about anything you can imagine) or to get a manicure, or eye doctor, or implants at the dentist. People coming up to us to give us their business cards, adults and children trying to sell their wares. Exhausting! So what do you do? Have a margarita in Ponchos, of course

Once recovered, we did some shopping in El Disco, the souvenir shop next to Panchos. I just love the talavera pottery.

Nancy bought a few souvenirs, and then we we went in search of some food. We like to get away from the crowds, so we headed farther down the street. (The farther you go from the border the less crowded it is). We found an outdoor taco stand right on the street. Since they don’t speak English, we were the only gringos. Just love it!

We ordered a platter of fajita tacos, for $5. (Much better than the prices at Ponchos and the meat was cut from the twirling spit). We ordered beers, and they yelled to a guy standing on the sidewalk who took our order for El Indio beers, and ran to a market to buy us some. Fun!

We made our way back toward the border. This stand was selling pretty Mexican clothes. Sadly – note the beggar woman in the bottom right corner.

From Progreso, we continued east to South Padre Island. We wanted to show Nancy a little different style of South Texas.

She enjoyed walking on the beach, even though it was not a great beach weather day.

Of course, we checked out a few sand castles.

We stayed overnight at the Ramada. Interesting that a lot of Winter Texans stay there the whole winter season.

DINNER: At a beachside restaurant. We shared a Caesar salad topped with blackened chicken. Very nice.

This was a great, last day for our houseguest Nancy. It has been a fun week.

One thought on “Big day sightseeing with Nancy!

  1. Keith

    Fun fact. The Caesar salad was invented in Mexico (Tijuana) in 1924. You didn’t know you were eating Mexican food when you had that salad, did you?


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